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Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

For company registration, minimum 2 people are required. It takes approx 7 working days to get the company registered and issuance of PAN Card, Tan Card, Certificate of Incorporation, MOA and AOA of the company. Once the same is complete, bank account can be opened as a next step with any of the bank by presenting the above documents within 3 working days.

The fee for company registration depends on many factors, the same may vary from Rs 10000 to Rs 15000 depending on the requirement of the entrepreneur and the need of the business. The same can be enquired through a simple call to number 8750505355 or through an email to info@jhagroup.in

Minimum Requirement of PVT LTD Company Registration

As Per the companies act 2013,there are minimum requrement that need to be met for company incorporation online

Minimum 2 directors
Unique Business Name
At least one director should be the resident of india
Registered Office Address
Services Prices
Niti Ayog 1000Rs-1800Rs
Website 3500Rs-4500Rs
12A & 80G 6000Rs-9000Rs
Pan Card 170Rs
MSME 1000Rs-2000Rs
GST Register 1500Rs-2500Rs
NGO Audit 4000Rs-5000Rs
NGO Audit 12A 80G 6500Rs-8000Rs
ITR 500Rs
ITR NGO 1000Rs-1500Rs
GST 500Rs-1000Rs
CSR Registration(with Dsc) 3500Rs-4500Rs
CSR Registration(without Dsc) 4500Rs-5500Rs
Partnership Registration 2000Rs-3000Rs
Proprietorship 2000Rs-3000Rs
E-Anudan 1000Rs-2000Rs
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